Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Three Little Llamas and the Big Bad Darkling Elf

By Randall

     Once Upon a time there was three littte llamas that were all triplets.They all got kicked out of their house. As they walked through the Darkling forest all of sudden a darkling elf jumped from the tree top shelf and scared the little lllamas half to death. They all hid under one leaf. the Darkling Elf said "Darn!" I thought I saw three little llamas. Well, llama one was very lame, so he built his house in the Darkling Forest out of leaves. He was very happy until the Darkling Elf jumped down and saw the  little llama and licked his lips. Boom! Crash! Wham! Punch! Crunch! Double yum! The second llama was even dumber, he wnet into the Darkling Elf's house and called it his. He started watching Martha Cooks. When the Darkling Elf got back he saw the llama and was amazed because they were triplets and had come back to life.
     He charged at the llama, but the llama just spat in his face. He was so mad he threw the llama out the window and gobbled it up. Hmmm! Triple yum!The third llama built his house of coconuts. At least he would have plenty of milk. This llama got married to Lisa Llama and they had five kids. They played and grazed in the windy meadow. Then Lisa Llama had six more kids and they lived happily everafter until.....Darkling Elf brought his troops and all the little llamas were eaten! Four Million Yum! Poor Llamas! That was the end of the Llama family.

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