Friday, July 15, 2011

The Three Little Walruses and the Big Bad Polar Bear

By Madeline

Once upon a time in the freezing arctic there were three little walruses. One day the three little walrus decided to leave home. The youngest built his house out of seaweed. The second one built a house out of clams. The oldest built his house out of ice. The polar bears came to the first walrus' house he noticed. He said, "Little walrus, little walrus, let me in." "No! No! Not by the wiskers on my cheeky cheek cheeks!" Then the polar bear sliced the seaweed house into shreads. "Hey wait, wait, wait, there's no huff and puff deal, oh you got to be kidding me? The polar bear called his bigger brother in. "Hey want to go bowling?" "Sure okay." They bowled over the house. "Now and ever they call me Bowler Bear." When they came to the ice house they got so scared they swam to the surface and had a fear of water. The End

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