Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three Little Persons and the Big Bad Chinese Dragon

By Sean

     Once upon a time there 3 little people. They were all from different countries One was from Japan, the second was from China, and the third was from the U.S. the Japanese dude named Jake found a brick house and was playing sodku when he saw Puff the Magic Dragon and Fluffy. He ran inside and locked the door. Puff just flicked the roof off. Then Jake said, "AAAAAh! "Kawee cha!" translation (AAAAh! OOOOh! look a Twinkie) Puff ate the Twinkie and Jake. Yum! Then fluffy said, Ooooh, my turn! He accidently turned turned Puff from a magic dragon into a flying horse.
  Then they met Chuck the Chinese guy. He was playing Chinese checkers against his friend Charlie. Then Fluffy knocked on the door. Chucked answered it and Fluffy asked, "Duh, do you want to be eaten?" Chuck slammed the door in his face. Then Puff burned the house to ashes. The two men were gone with the wind, literally.
  Then Sean, guy #3 from the U. S. was counting his favorite colors of the alphabet when Fluffy knocked on the door. Sean pulled him inside and shut the door. Sean told Puff that if he wanted Fluffy back he would have to go inside and stay in the cannon. So Fluffy went in and Sean shoved him into the cannon. Then he shot them so far that Mars looked close.
   Then Fluffy told Puff, "We should have gone after the pigs!" But Puff answered,"It was your idea to go after the humans."

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