Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Three Littlle Sheep And The Big Bad Coyote

By Trevor

Once apon a time, there were three little sheep and they had the fluffiest fur in the entire flock, but the evil  coyote wanted to make them into man purses. The word had gotten around the farm, all the sheep
were in hiding. The stars of this story were hiding in the hen house, but the coyote was there! Little sheep! Little sheep! Let me cut your fur! NO!NO!NO! not by the hair on our chinny chin chins. He got so angry he knocked the door down. The three sheep ran as fast as they could knocking the coyote off
its feet. They said we need a new place to hide, the barn!They saw the coyote in a hot pursuit
behind them. They quickly ran to the barn and slammed the barn door behind them. All of a sudden the farmhouse door swung open and farmer Jones came out with his pitchfork. "Farmer Jones," said the sheep. The farmer chased the coyote to its home and all the sheep lived happily ever after.

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